How to answer ‘Where do you see yourself in five years’?

How do you answer ‘Where do you see yourself in five years’ ?


When an employer asks this question, they are really asking two separate questions:
1) Do you have goals/dreams/aspirations?
2) Are your goals/dreams/aspirations in line with this company?
With that in mind, you need to decide what about this job is relevant to your 5-year plan and communicate it.

By asking this question, employers are basically filtering those employees who have a clear mindset about what they wish to accomplish and by what means i.e a career plan in order to achieve career goals and objective. Answer this question by saying ” I see myself progressing in my field as well as in the company, learning new skills to the benefit of the company. I find this job very challenging and motivating. I can see many challenges ahead and therefore, willing to invest my five years time learning all aspects of the job towards professional advancement. “

How do you answer ‘Do you prefer working in a team or alone’ in a job interview?

That sort of depends on the job you are going for, but for the most part be honest without being negative towards what you don’t prefer to do. 

I think an excellent employee needs to be good at both.  

Try to learn as much as you can about the job. What does it involve on a day-to-day basis and how much will you need to work independently as opposed to collaborating with others?
For most jobs, you will need to do some combination of both. The interviewer will want to hear that you derive satisfaction from doing good work on your own and enjoy the opportunity to focus on tasks, while you also thrive in a team and benefit from the interaction with colleagues. It’s no contradiction to enjoy both. Working as part of a team is essential sometimes. A group dynamic can be very productive and creative. You can bounce ideas off one another and learn from each other’s experience. At other times you can be much more productive on your own.
The balance will depend very much on the job you’re interviewing for.


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