Maximize your phone’s battery life!!


Do you know: Batteries have memory too.. Yes! That’s true, the battery has the tendency to keep in its memory it’s first charging cycle. If you have read the user manual carefully it is instructed there to charge till the max on the first charging and then discharge completely. This gets fixed in its memory and to a great extent determines the charge holding capacity of the battery for the remaining of it’s life.

Maximize your phone’s battery!!

With phones becoming smarter, screens becoming larger and apps growing exponentially, the burden of running everything smoothly falls on the battery.


The battery bears the brunt of your cellular adventures so here’s some quick fix remedies to get the most out of your batteries. Follow these guidelines and not only do you maximize your battery life but also you end up saving a lot of electricity and reduce your carbon footprints while you are at it.

So the next time you use your mobile remember to follow these simple steps.

Charge and Discharge Your Battery Regularly(Let is discharge properly before charging again, this enhances it’s overall life. Some of us have a habit of charging it quickly without even letting it fall below 50%, this shortens the overall life of the battery)

• Keep Your Device Out of the Sun

• Reduce the Screen Brightness

• Make Sure the Screen Locks Quickly

Use Wi-Fi Instead of 3G if Possible

• Reduce or Eliminate Push Notifications

• Reduce or Eliminate Mail & Calendar Checking

• Reduce or Eliminate System Sounds

• Disable Location Services

• Disable Bluetooth If You Don’t Need It

• Disable Vibrate Feature in Games

Happy Reading!!

Team CareerShapers!!

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