General Quiz – 4

1. The teddy bear an iconic children’s toy, celebrated in story, song and film is a soft toy in the form of a bear. Developed apparently simultaneously by toymakers Morris Michtom in the US and Richard Steiff in Germany in the early years of the 20th century. It is named after a very famous personality. Who is he/she?


Ans. 26th American president ‘Theodore T.R. Roosevelt’


2.) If a soldier was dismissed from the British army for dishonorable conduct, he would be drummed out in a ceremony which included a description of his crime being read out and his insignia  stripped from his uniform. This practice resulted in a contemporary expression in the English language. What is it?


Ans. Face the music


3. This term originated from the illegal sale of graphite, which was used for the coating of moulds for cannon balls. This sold for up to 5000 pounds per ton in 1830, but trading had stiff penalties, “punishable by upto seven years transportation”.

Ans. Black Market


4. This is an ad by which brand?



Ans. Toblerone



5. Named after strepto bacillum bacteria,this brand is used in sore throat cure. Name it.

Ans. Strepsils


6. It is a domestic refrigerator and ice box manufacturing company named after a person who determined the correct value of Absolute zero temperature and after whom a scale of temperature is named. Name the company.

Ans. Kelvinator


7.   It is a global skin and body care brand whose name comes from a Latin word meaning ‘snow-white’. (Hint: Popular white cream)

Ans. Nivea


8. Which is the world’s largest biscuit brand by volume?

Ans. Parle-G



9. Cross and Blackwell bought this formula from Major Grye of Bengallancers and popularised it is western world. A restaurant in Hyderabad recently sued cross and Blackwell for having the same trademark?

Ans. Chutney’s


10. This is the 21st century version of this brand and is called Amberoid. Which iconic Indian brand? 


Ans. Ambassador


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