General Quiz – 5

1.) In the film Mr. And Mrs. 55 Guru Dutt was a cartoonist. Who actually drew the cartoons?


Ans. Bal Thackeray



2.) “There was neither non-exist nor exist. There was neither the realm of space nor the sky beyond”. Opening lines of what?

Ans. The Rig Veda.(The oldest book of the world dated 4000 BC)


3.) Which famous financial institution in India  was started by Devkaran Nanjee?


Ans. Dena Bank(The name of the bank is derived from his name Devkaran Nanjee)



4.) She was born to Aghore Nath Chattopadhyay in a Bengali family living in Hyderabad. She met Govindarajulu Naidu, a doctor by profession, and at the age of 19, after finishing her studies, she got married to him. She was the first Indian woman president of the INC and the first woman Governor of India. Who?

Ans. Sarojini Naidu(Also called ‘The Nightingale of India’. She was the governor of United Provinces.)



5.) He was the first Indian to be the member of the British Parliament and President of INC thrice. Who?

Ans. Dadabhai Naoroji



6.) The foremost Maratha patriot, his real name was Ramachandra Pandurang. He got his nickname from the fact that he was in charge of the firing of cannons. Who?

Ans. Tantya Tope



7.) In the Mahabharatha other than the Kauravas who else had a 100 brothers?

Ans. Shakuni


8.) What is common to hearty, Patiala, silent, cocktail, open heart, dancing and round?

Ans. All are types of laughter.


9.) The Jain Dilwara temples at Mt.Abu are incomparable in detail and ornamentation . But this is supposed to have been the side result of a unique idea of the Maharaja . What?



Ans. The rule was that payment in Silver would be equal to the weight of marble filed and cut out. Hence the workers chose
to file instead of carve since they could make more silver that way.


10.) At the Karnidevi Temple in Rajasthan they are worshipped as the deity’s descendants. They are referred to as Kabas (Marwari for children). This temple was ordered to be closed during the plague? Why?


Ans. Because the prasad at the temple is given only after the rats have tasted it.




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