General Quiz – 6

1. Identify the person and his famous invention.


Ans. Douglas Engelbart and the invention is Mouse we use today with computers.


2. Nuclear detonations experience a characteristic double flash. The double flash enabled an ingenious instrument to be built to measure the yield of nuclear weapons. The physics of the phenomenon means that the interval between flashes is proportional to the size of the explosion.


The instrument’s simplicity (little more than a photocell, scope & camera) caused some engineers to think the designers must be off their heads, to think yield could be so easily determined. 

This doubt about drug sobriety caused Nobel Prize winner Fred Reines (of neutrino fame) to name the instrument”____________”. What is the colourful name of the instrument that has relations to the Indian sub-continent? 

Ans. Bhangmeter (The name of the detector is a playful pun, which was bestowed upon it by Fred Reines, one of the scientists working on the project. The name is derived from the Indian word “bhang“, a locally grown variety of marijuana which is smoked or drunk to induce intoxicating effects, the joke being that one would have to be on drugs to believe the bhangmeter detectors would work properly.)

Bhangmeters are placed on reconnaissance satellites in order to detect nuclear weapon detonations and to measure their yield. Bhangmeters are designed to look for the characteristic “double flash” created when nuclear weapons detonate: the first initial bright flash being caused by the actual detonation of the weapon and the second being caused when the ionised gas shock wave cools enough to allow light from the fireball to escape.


3. The Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950. Which constitution came into effect from 26 January 1957?


Ans. Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K is the only state in India which has a constitution of its own.)


4. Only one Indian parliamentarian has the distinction of being elected from four different states. This person also holds the record of winning from six different constituencies. Who?

Ans. Atal Bihari Vajpayee



5. Identify the monument. Where is it located? What’s special about it? 


Ans. This is a replica of the world famous Charminar of Hyderabad, India. Located in Karachi, Pakistan this small version of the Charminar built by Hyderabadi Muslims living in Pakistan, in 2007.


6. How do we better know Barbara Milicent Roberts ?

Ans. Barbie Doll



7. Blue Ribbon Sports Inc . How do we better know it today ?

Ans. Nike  Logo_de_nike (Nike logo is called swoosh. Designed: 1971)

8. What was project ‘Manhattan’?

Ans. The Manhattan Project was a research and development project that produced the first atomic bombs during World War II. It was led by the United States with the support of the United Kingdom and Canada.



9. Whose famous Quote was – “Man is a social animal” ?

Ans. Aristotle



10. Which was South Asia’s (rather India’s ) first newspaper which started publishing in the 1780 ?

Ans. Bengal Gazette




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