General Quiz – 9

1. Which technological innovation forced Proctor and Gamble to concentrate on soap business?

Ans. Electric Bulb(They used to make candles)


2. Which is the most traded spice , in terms of monetary value , in the world? “International _______________ Exchange” is located in Kochi.

Ans. Pepper



3. This sportsman is credited with creating this product. As a matter of fact, he was paid to use this product so that its benefits could be seen by all. Name the sportsman and the product.

Ans. Graham Yallop is the sportsman and the product is Helmet.  He is a former Australian Cricketer who also captained Australia during the tumultuous era of World Series Cricket (WSC) in 1978 was the first cricketer to wear a helmet in Cricket.




 4. Anna Jarvis started this campaign and was so disturbed when the concept was made commercial. She tried to copyright the concept but ended out unsuccessful. It is considered one of the most popular days for dining out in Europe and the U.S. What concept is being talked about.

Ans. Mothers’ Days

Founder of Mother's Day
Founder of Mother’s Day


5. Which kind of vehicles in India carry a CD number plate?

Ans. Vehicles carrying Country Diplomats.

israel_cd 33-516-22


6.  What is made from potatoes and is known as little water in the country of origin?

Ans. Vodka (40% Alcohol by Volume)


7. What does GSM stand for in the paper industry?

Ans. Gram per Square Metre(indicates paper density)


8. ISO 4217 is the international standard describing 3 letter codes for what?

Ans. Currency Codes(e.g. INR for Indian Rupee, USD for US Dollar)


9. Which Ludhiana based company owns the brand Monte Carlo for woolen wear?

Ans. Oswal


10. About what did Indira Gandhi say in 1975 “a Government organ, it is going to remain a government organ”.

Ans. All India Radio


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