General Quiz – 11

Q 1. The Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was a Red-Eye flight. What is a Red- Eye flight ?



Q 2 . What is the ‘project Apollo’ launched by IBM worldwide ?


Q 3 . In 1976, during lunch time at Delhi Cloth Mills, DCM, a group of six young engineers in the office canteen were discussing their work woes at DCM’s calculator division. Despite  all  having jobs that paid them well, they were an unhappy lot — they wanted to do more, riding on their own gumption. They decided to quit their jobs and start a venture of their own.What company or group resulted from this ?


Q 4. Identify this scientist.



Q 5. This is a traditional design now taken by Paul Smith and priced at 300 £. What is the traditional design called ?



Q6. It began as a response to disaster. Japan’s devastating Tōhoku earthquake in March 2011 damaged telecommunications infrastructure nationwide, obliging employees at NHN Japan, a unit of Korea’s NHN Corp, to rely on Internet-based resources to communicate. Developers from this Korean company went to Japan and created a messaging app, in one and half months. Name this instant messaging app.
Q7. This selfie by the Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres is the most retweeted photo ever. It was not a spontaneous picture but a part of the product placement strategy of a brand. Name it.



Q 8. Why did KFC not use its slogan ‘Finger lickin’ good’ in China ?


Q 9. Which Indian city has recently inaugurated the world’s longest free Wi-Fi zone of 20 km ?


Q 10 .Bill Gates has invested in a San Francisco start up that is developing a Vegg.What is a Vegg ?



Ans 1. The flight which departs late in the night and reaches early morning. This causes sleep deprivation hence red-eye.

Ans 2. Layoff of 13000 employees

Ans 3. 

Ans 4. Tim Berners Lee(Founder of www)

Ans 5. Peshawari chappal

Ans 6. LINE   
Ans 7. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Ans 8. The Chinese translation became ” we will eat your fingers off ‘
Ans 9. Patna(Bihar)
Ans 10. Vegetable Egg 
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