General Quiz – 12

Q 1. The image below shows an innovation by an Indian recently in news. Identify the device shown below and the person behind the idea.



Q2. Identify the personality.(Recently seen in lot of promos in media)


Q 3. Which are the only three major countries in which Google is not the number one search engine ?


Q 4. Which co is the world’s biggest maker of screens for smartphones and tablet computers ? It counts Apple and Sony among its customers.


Q 5.  Which unlikely company has designed a tamper proof smart phone where the data is totally secure with a self destruct feature? The phone will delete all its data and brick itself if it senses being opened or tampered with.


Q 6. Narendra Modi has proposed a Group of nations called ‘Sons of Sun’ where India will take a lead. What is this group supposed to do ?


Q 7.  Why Pizza Hut is being called PeeZa Hut after a recent controversy ?


Q 8. Sixty years ago on Feb. 6, 1954, slightly more than 1,000 people sat down in 100 different places around the world to take a test for the very first time. It was the precursor to _______ . Fill in the blank.


Q 9. How did DHL use TNT and UPS its rivals to deliver large packages with ‘DHL is faster’ written on it to very difficult addresses in US ?


Q 10.This bride’s wedding attire made up of 5kg of exquisite gold jewellery has become the talk of the social media. She is the daughter of CEO of which company ?






Ans 1.  The device shown is a 1 $ DIY microscope which can magnify 2100 times developed by Indian scientist Manu Prakash.

Ans 2. Shyam Sharan Negi, Independent India’s first voter. Recently seen in promos by the Election Commision of India.

Ans 3. China(Baidu), Russia(Yandex) and South Korea(Naver)

Ans 4. Japan Display 

Ans 5. Boeing      

Ans 6. Sons of Sun is a group of countries who have high solar energy potential. This group will come together to do R & D in solar power.

Ans 7. An employee was found peeing in the kitchen sink.

Ans 8. Graduate Management Admission Test ( GMAT)

Ans 9. Black packages painted with thermal activated ink were given to the rival cos. At a higher temp, “DHL is faster” underneath got revealed. Having accepted the packages they had to deliver. Publicity for DHL at a low cost.

Ans 10. Muthoot Finance co.



Happy Reading!

Team CareerShapers!!


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