General Quiz – 18

Q 1. The ‘TIME’ name for the magazine is actually an acronym. Expand ‘TIME’.


Q 2. ‘Brian Acton’ and ‘Jan Koum’ are founders of which famous company? (Hint: Recently in news for its acquisition by a social networking giant )


Q 3. If big blue is IBM, big brown is UPS then who is big yellow?


Q 4. Identify the logo.



Q 5. “Management by Idiots” book written by________________________?


Q 6. SHUT(Society for Healthy Use of Technology) has opened its first clinic in Bangalore, India. It is run by India’s premier mental health hospital, the National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (Nimhans). It is aimed at treating what? 


Q 7. Why is the spray introduced recently in World Cup called 9.15 FairPlay ?




Q 8. Modi has made yet another new coinage. B4B. What does it stand for ?


Q 9.  “Live for Likes” is the new tagline for which e-retailer ?


Q 10. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon leaves one empty chair in every conference room – for the most important person . Who is it ?






Ans 1. The International Magazine of Events

Ans 2. Whatsapp 

Ans 3.

Ans 4. Airbus

Ans 5. Arup Roy Choudhary

Ans 6. It is an Internet de-addiction centre treating for dependence on social networks, instant chatting sites, texting and mobile games.

Ans 7. This is a vanishing spray used by the referees to mark the distance of 10 yards, which is 9.15 metres.

Ans 8. Bharat for Bhutan

Ans 9. Myntra

Ans 10. The Customer



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