General Quiz – 16

Q 1. Which hormone in human body is know as “Happiness-Hormone”?


Q 2. Which is the world’s first credit card company?


Q 3. In 1932.. Tata founded it as Tata Airlines.. How do we know it today?


Q 4. This well known statistician has set up the statistics institutions, ISI, CSO and NSSO in independent India. Name him.


Q 5. Which popular slogan was given by advertising agency Soho Square for BJP in the 2014 election campaign ?


Q 6. In Marketing lingo, what is ‘genericide” ?


Q 7. For which item of mass consumption in India is the benchmark Lasalgaon market in Nashik ?


Q 8. What is the name of the travel guide anyone can edit started by Wikipedia ?


Q 9. “Ye hai rishton ka time” is the tagline of ?


Q 10. Identify the logo.





Ans 1. Serotonin (Regulates mood and prevents depression)                                       Skeletal formula of serotonin

Ans 2.Diner’s Club International. They brought the concept of credit card in the world in the year 1950.

Ans 3. Air India

Ans 4. Prashant Chandra Mahalanobis

Ans 5. Ab ki baar, Modi Sarkar.

Ans 6. A brand name suffering because it has become generic for its category e.g xerox.

Ans 7. Onion

Ans 8. Wikivoyage

Ans 9. Dominoes Pizza


Ans 10. “LM(Lata Mangeshkar) Music Company”. A brand started by iconic singer and Bharat Ratna awardee Lata Mangeshkar.




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