General Quiz – 19

Q 1. PVR is one of the cinema chains in India. The company established in 1995 started it’s commercial operation in 1997 and established India’s first multiplex in Saket, New Delhi. What is the full form of PVR?


Q 2. By what name Phiroze Jeejebhoy Towers is known as?


Q 3. “The power of knowledge” is the tagline of____________________?


Q 4. ‘Sahib Sindh and Sultan’ is the name of a famous restaurant chain in India. What is the significance of Sahib, Sindh and Sultan in the name? (Their logo gives the hint :))


Q 5. Shown below is ‘T Mobile G1’. What’s special about this phone?


Q 6. Identify the logo.



Q 7. This mosquito repellent got name from dead one in german.


Q 8. The founder was Dr. S.K. Burman and it was founded in Kolkata. Which famous brand? 


Q 9. Which Bollywood actor started in Military Censor office at the salary of Rs. 165?


Q 10. The market condition with “Multiple buyers and only one seller” is called Monopoly. What is “One buyer and many seller”?





Ans 1. Priya Village Roadshow, a joint venture of Priya Exhibitors from India and Village Roadshow Limited an Australian entertainment company.

Ans 2. BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)

Ans 3. Economic Times

Ans 4. These are the names of the three engines of the first train in India from Bombay to Thane on 16th April 1853.

Ans 5. It is the first Android Mobile.

Ans 6. Bank of America

Ans 7. 

Ans 8. It derives its name from Daktar Burman.

Ans 9. Devanand

Ans 10. Monopsony