General Quiz – 21

Q 1. According to World Prosperity Index 2013, which is the most prosperous country in the world?


Q 2. According to the All India survey on Higher Education, which city has highest number of colleges in the country?


Q 3. The “Dobson Unit” is a common unit for the measuring  ________? 


Q 4. Which states have the highest and lowest tele-density in the country? (Telephone density or teledensity is the number of telephone connections for every hundred individuals living within an area.)



Q 5. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology is located at_________?


Q 6. Vietnam has developed dengue-blocking mosquitoes. How does this work?


Q 7. Democratic Republic of Congo has the largest reserves of Coltan (derives its name from a contraction of columbium-tantalite, the scientific nomenclature).It was recently in news because of the environmental degradationa and exploitation of  local population linked with its mining. Why is it in so much demand? What is Coltan used for?


Q 8. Every year, tens of thousands of these migratory birds  moving from Siberia stop over in _____________(an Indian state) on their way to Africa.


The conservation efforts by the local administration and people of the state for saving this bird from hunting were recently in news and getting due recognition on the international sphere. Name the bird and the Indian state.


Q 9. ______________________ is the exclusive protection agency of the Government of India. It is responsible for the protection of the Prime Minister of India, former Prime Ministers and their immediate family members. The force was established in 1988 after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. Name the security force.



Q 10. Munshi Premchand was an Indian writer famous for his modern Hindustani literature.His works include more than a dozen novels, around 250 short stories, several essays and translations of a number of foreign literary works into Hindi.


Premchand was not his real name. ‘Nawab Rai’ was his first ‘pen-name’ which was later switched to ‘Premchand’. What was his real name?





Ans 1. Norway, followed by Switzerland

Ans 2. Bangalore (885 colleges), followed by Hyderabad(544 colleges).

Ans 3.  Ozone concentration – Dobson is the unit for measuring Ozone concentration. One Dobson Unit is the number of molecules of ozone that would be required to create a layer of pure ozone 0.01 millimetres thick at a temperature of 0 degree Celsius and a pressure of 1 atmosphere.

Ans 4. Delhi has the highest 220.10 and Uttar Pradesh has the lowest 34.33.

Teledensity in India
Teledensity in India

Ans 5. Hyderabad

Ans 6. This is the normal cycle of dengue transmission by wild Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

Image courtsey:
Image courtsey:

The mosquitoes have been intentionally infected with bacteria called Wolbachia, which essentially blocks them from getting dengue.

Image courtsey:


Ans 7. Congo holds 80 percent of the world’s reserves of coltan, a heat-resistant mineral ore widely used in cellular phones, laptop computers and video games.



Ans 8. The bird is Amur Falcon and the state is Nagaland.  In the last few years, villagers have been hunting- or rather massacring- the birds for their meat.As per an estimate at least 120,000 birds are killed every year, but the numbers could be far higher.

Image courtsey:

Last year, just ahead of the hunting season, local conservation group Nagaland Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Trust (NWBCT), along with several other green groups, launched a conservation and patrolling programme called Friends of the Amur Falcon. The church (Nagaland is a mostly Christian state) stepped in too, citing the Book of Leviticus in the Bible, which prohibits the consumption of birds of prey.

Village councils agreed to make the hunting of the falcons illegal, and levied a fine of Rs 5000 (about GBP 50)on any hunters. Villagers and green groups patrolled the region to catch transgressors.

Efforts are underway by the government for the satellite tagging of the bird.

Ans 9. The Special Protection Group (SPG). – The “general superitendence, direction and control” of the SPG is exercised by, the Central Government. The head of the force, called a Director, is appointed by the Central Govt. He is responsible for “the command and supervision” of the force. The director of the SPG since its inception has been an officer from the Indian Police service.



SPG cover for Rajiv Gandhi was withdrawn once he ceased to be Prime Minister.After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991, the SPG Act was amended in 1991  to provide security to former Prime Ministers and their immediate families for a period of 5 years from the date on which the former Prime Minister ceased to hold office.

Ans 10. Dhanpat Rai Srivastav



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