General Quiz – 45

Q 1. Identify this very popular NGO.

The Foundation has two focus areas: Education and Healthcare. To increase the reach and corpus of the Foundation, the founder has undertaken initiatives such as Art, merchandise and Gitanjali Gold Coins.

In January 2012, they offered to pay INR4 million (US$66,000) for releasing around 400 prisoners from around 63 prisons in the state of Uttar Pradesh via their NGO. The prisoners had completed their term but due to economical reasons, they were unable to pay a legal fine for their charges.

In 2011, the founder launched his own production company called SKBH Productions Money which will be generated from film productions will be donated to the foundation. First film made under the banner was kids entertainer Chillar Party, which went on to win 3 National Awards, for Best Children’s film, Best Original Screenplay and Child Artist’s Award .



Q 2. Which famous corporate’s head quarters is known as ‘Bush House’?


Q 3. Identify


 Q 4. A __________ = 6 feet or 1.8288 metres, is a unit of length in the old imperial system, used especially for measuring the depth of water. It was originally based on the distance between a man’s outstretched arms. It is also a common verb in the English language.  


Q 5. “The End of Economic Man: The rise of Totalitarianism” is a book authored by _________________.


Q 6. Identify.

It was established in 1981 by Rajendra S. Pawar and Vijay K. Thadani, graduates from IIT.

  • It acquired UK-based company ROOM Solution in 2006–2007.
  • In 2006, it acquired US-based learning solution provider Element K.
  • In 2011, it sold Element K.


Q 7. Name the company that introduced the first Animal Fat free soap in 1918.


Q 8. Identify the logo


Q 9. In which country’s coins you can find the following lines imprinted, ‘This is the root of all evils’ ?


Q 10. Which country with 3,323 cigarettes per year has the highest per capita consumption of cigarettes in the world ?  






Asn 1. Being Human of Salman Khan. SKBH is Salman Khan Being Human Productions.

Salman Khan at the promotion of Chillar Party

Ans 2. BBC

Ans 3. Darjeeling Tea

Ans 4. Fathom

Ans 5. Peter F. Ducker

Ans 6.

Ans 7. Godrej

Ans 8. Qantas

Ans 9. Vatican City

Ans 10. Serbia



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