General Quiz – 51

Let’s start with an easy one 🙂

Q 1. Identify


– Before entering into modelling, she worked as a waitress in Mc Donalds.

– She was one of the finalists in the beauty pageant Miss India 1998

– Recalling her days of struggle, she once said that she did sell cosmetics on the streets of New Delhi. “I did sell cosmetics for Rs.200 at Janpath. But my message is that a girl selling cosmetics can become a Cabinet minister in this country.”

– She is a Union minister in the present Government


Q 2. In the world of computers, what is known as ‘Three finger Salute’? (Credit for the concept goes to IBM Engineer David Bradley, 1981. All of us use it today.)


Q 3. Who was the first finance minister of Independent India?


Q 4. ‘We understand your world’ is the tagline of ___________________?


Q 5. Identify


Q 6. Logo of _____________?



Q 7. This Indian state tourism department has achieved a major milestone by getting 1 Million likes on it’s Facebook page. Places like Singapore, Spain, Thailand etc famous for tourism are far behind. Which Indian state?


Q 8. Founders of _____________? (American multinational information Technology corporation headquartered in Palo Alto,California, United States.It was founded in 1931 in a garage at Palo Alto.)


Q 9. Ad for __________________?

gabbar glucon d ad


Q 10. Here’s one more. This is an ad for ____________?

kishore kumar ad









Ans 1. Smriti Irani – Union Minister for Human Resource Development

Smriti Irani during her modelling days


Ans 2. Ctrl + Alt + Del

Image Courtsey:

Ans 3. R.K. Shanmukham Shetty

Ans 4. HDFC Bank

hdfc bank logo

Ans 5. Jack Ma, Founder and CEO of – Recently in news for it’s IPO success on NYSE.

Ans 6. Google Fiber

Ans 7. Kerala Tourism

Ans 8. HP – William Hewlett and David Packard in the picture.

Ans 9. Glucose – D

Ans 10. Brylcreem

Bryl Cream ad by Kishore Kumar





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