General Quiz – 57

Q 1. Large numbers of Y live in the Lutyens Zone of Delhi, and present a huge problem to the people living in and using these areas. Xs used to be brought on and off to these areas to scare Ys away. An amendment to the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 made X a protected species that can no longer be owned, sold, or hired. A solution has been worked out to manage the Y problem using the Ys’ fear of Xs. Identify X and Y.


Q 2. Logo of _____________?

hls logo


Q 3.  ___________ was a Roman Emperor who was known for his tyranny. According to legend, when the Great Fire of Rome started in 64 AD, he spent his time playing lyre and singing while the entire city was burning. A widely used computer software has an obvious pun on this incident. In its initial version, while the software ran, it did not allow the user to execute any other operation on the computer. Name the emperor and you will also know the name of the software.


Q 4. ‘Now everyone can fly’ is the tagline of ____________?


Q 5. From 1901 to 2012, Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 800 individuals, of whom at least 20% were ‘X’, although ‘X’ comprise less than 0.2% of the world’s population. What is X?


Q 6. Area shown in orange color is the proposed map of __________?


Q 7. Arunabh Kumar, an IIT-Kharagpur graduate, quit his job in the US Air-force and worked with Red Chillies Entertainment as an assistant director for Om Shanti Om. He then made a couple of short films, music videos and freelanced with various ad agencies. After pitching ideas to big media conglomerates, he realized that they had a ‘pigeon-hold’ idea about ‘what would work’ and they weren’t willing to let go of the formula.

Frustated, he decided to work on his own and started his own website that featured short films, sketches, parodies and web series. The website became an instant rage across colleges in India. Which website are we talking about ?


Q 8. “___ ____ ___” is a phrase spoken by the character Leonard McCoy in the original Star Trek series, to declare someone or something deceased and is considered his catchphrase.

The line has entered popular culture as a general metaphor, with uses as diverse as describing an unresponsive electronic circuit to describing an opponent’s destruction in an action game. Most famously, Google Chrome uses the phrase as an error message if a tab gets terminated unexpectedly.

What is the phrase ?


Q 9. When this lady married her husband, she dropped her maiden name, for her husband’s last name.

But, coming from the northern part of the state, she is said to have felt odd to spell it exactly the way he did, a trait that is endemic to most spellings in his part of the world.

As evidence of who really calls the shots in the family, she decided to give her newly acquired surname a slight twist and the children today have the mother’s choice of surname – a change that the business media focused on incessantly over the last 6 months. What is the family in question and what is the twist in surname?


Q 10. The East India Co. took control of this place in 1809 and banned entry to sub-castes like Pirali, Chamar, Dom. At some point, even Sant Kabir, Guru Nanak and Lord Curzon, Indira Gandhi and Zail Singh were refused entry!† When Lord Mountbatten visited the place with his Executive Council Member Dr B.R. Ambedkar, he was given a grand welcome. However, Ambedkar was not allowed inside. Which place is this?








Ans 1. X = Langur , Y=Monkey(Macaque)

Macaque Monkey

Delhi has a large population of monkeys around the Parliament house and other government buildings. Langurs were hired and kept earlier to drive away the monkeys as they have a natural fear of langurs. After the amendment in the Wildlife Protection Act, Langurs can no longer be used for this purpose hence people dressed up as Langur and imitating their sounds are hired and paid for showing up around these buildings to keep the monkeys away.

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Ans 2.

Ans 3. Nero Burning ROM! (Nero is a German company and the pun is even more obvious as Rom is the German word for Rome).

Ans 4. Air Asia

Ans 5. Jews

Ans 6. Khalistan – Demand of an independent country for Sikhs.

Ans 7. The Viral Fever

The Viral Fever logo

The Viral Fever has over 10 million views on their Youtube Channel with over 60000 subscribers and about 30 million minutes have been watched.

For over two years, their videos have gone viral, just like they planned, especially their spoofs, Rowdies on the popular youth reality show, Roadies or their Gaana Wala Song, a spoof on Student of The Year’s Ishq wala love and of course their mash-ups on Gangs of Wasseypur, as Gangs of Social Media.

Ans 8. He’s dead, Jim!

Ans 9. Narayana Murthy family. Wife Sudha Murty has removed ‘h’ from her name, same is being followed by son Rohan Murty.

Ans 10. Puri Jagannath Temple




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