General Quiz – 56

Q 1. Annual Report of which company?

zandu balm hui tere liye annual report


Q 2. Identify 

– This company got its name from a famous bookstore in London.

– It was founded in Allahabad and still has its headquarters at Allahabad.

– One of the first books of Rudyard Kipling ‘Three Soldiers’ was published by this company.Name this famous company.

Image Courtsey:

(Hint: If you have bought any books from railway platform stalls, this is an easy one for you.)


Q 3. The ‘Society of the Friends of the Constitution’ , commonly known as the ‘Jacobin Club’ was the most famous and influential political club in the development of the French Revolution. There were at least 7,000 chapters throughout France, with a membership estimated at a half million or more.

Which Indian ruler and warrior was the founder and member of ‘Jacobin Club of India’?


Q 4.’Welcome to Possible’ is the tagline of _____________?


Q 5. Old logo of which comparatively young, India based IT company?



Q 6. He is the chairman of Aptech Limited and Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Private Ltd. RaRe Enterprises is the name of the privately owned firm by him, which derives its name from the first two initials of his name and wife’s name.Recently in news for committing his 75% wealth for charity.

Identify him.


Q 7. ‘1800-300-1947’ a toll free no is related with which govt scheme ___________?


Q 8. Launched on 2nd July, 1806 mainly to fund General Wellesleys wars against Tipu Sultan and the Marathas . It was renamed on January 2,1809, once again in 1921 and then to its presentname after the Act of Parliament on 1st July1955. What?


Q 9. Identify the famous painting and the painter.


Q 10. Products of TJ brand are mainly available in the shops around Delhi. What does the brand ‘TJ’ stand for?








Ans 1. Emami

Ans 2. A.H. Wheeler & Co.

Ans 3. Tipu Sultan

Image Courtsey:

Ans 4. Mindtree

Ans 5. Mindtree

Ans 6. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Ans 7.  Aadhaar

Ans 8. State Bank of India

Ans 9. Painting is ‘His Master’s Voice’ and the painter is ‘Francis James Barraud’. It became the logo of famous brand ‘HMV’.

Ans 10. Tihar Jail – Products manufactured by the inmates of Tihar Jail are sold in around Delhi with the brand name ‘TJ’.




Happy Reading!!

Team CareerShapers!!


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