General Quiz – 71

Q 1. Map of ____________?

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Q 2. Pizza Corner is an international franchise of pizzeria chains that offers a wide range of pizzas, pastas and side dishes from chicken wings to salads. Pizza Corner operates as both standalone restaurants or combined with other Global Franchise Architects brands such as Coffee World or Cream & Fudge.

Pizza Corner is a brand of Global Franchise Architects (GFA), a Geneva, Switzerland based company. Founded by Fred Mouawad, the first Pizza Corner opened in Chennai, India in 1996.

Which company from the same field of business now buying Pizza Corner?


Q 3. He was the first athlete from India to win an Olympic medal, he won Silver medals in both the 200m and 200m hurdles race in the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. He was actually of British descent born in Calcutta during the British rule.

Educated in the St.Xavier’s College in Calcutta, he moved to the United States after his athletic career and acted in a few Hollywood movies and Broadway shows. Identify the athlete.

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Q 4. Which sacred mountain with five peaks is considered to be the center of the universe in Hindu, Jain as well as Buddhist cosmology.

Painting as per Jain cosmology from Jain text Samghayanarayana 
Bhutanese thanka of the Buddhist Universe


Q 5. Which Indian sportsperson’s biography is called ‘Unbreakable’?


Q 6. The word shampoo in English is derived from  a Hindi word which dates to 1762. The Hindi word referred to head massage, usually with some form of hair oil. Similar words also occur in other North Indian languages. Which Hindi word?


Q 7. Which Indian infrastructure company, headquartered in Bangalore, operates the international airports in Delhi and Hyderabad?


Q 8. Logo of _______________?



Q 9. Identify this model from Nagpur. He belongs to a different field altogether now.

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Q 10. Who established Rugmark (now known as Goodweave) as the first voluntary labelling, monitoring and certification system of rugs manufactured without the use of child-labour in South Asia ?

Founded in 1994 to end child labor in the carpet industry, and to offer educational opportunities to children in weaving communities, GoodWeave works to end child labor in the carpet industry and offers educational opportunities to children and improved working conditions for workers.


Goodweave by Kailash Satyarthi Novel Laureate









Ans 1. Seven islands of Mumbai

Seven Islands of Bombay
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Ans 2. Papa John’s Pizza

Ans 3. Norman Pritchard

Ans 4. Mount Meru

Ans 5. M.C. Mary Kom

Amitabh Bachchan and M.C. Mary Kom at the launch of “Unbreakable”(Image Courtsey:

Ans 6. Champi

Ans 7. GMR Group

Ans 8. Ruby on Rails, a programming language

Ans 9. Devendra Fadanvis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Devendra Fadanvis Chief Minster of Maharashtra Image

Ans 10. Kailash Satyarthi – recipient of the Nobel Peace prize 2014

Kailash Satyarthi Nobel Peace Prize 2014




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