General Quiz – 59

Q 1. What is the significance of this historical image?

Image Courtsey:


Q 2. Gary thuerk says people have one of the three reactions when they meet him: “some are excited to meet him with an unusual claim to fame; some want to beat him up on the spot; and others just avoid him like the plague”. What is his unusual claim to fame?


Q 3. Connect.




Q 4. Who was named the TIME person of the year in 1982?


Q 5. He passed out from the London School of Economics in 1923 and authored the book ‘The problem with the Indian Rupee’. Who?


Q 6. Identify the logo



Q 7. She is Louise Brown. Born on 25th July, 1978 what unique distinction does she hold?


Q 8. Which company has the tagline ‘Confidence in the connected world’.


Q 9. It was initially developed for the use by the US military. In 1983, following a navigation failure, a Korean Airlines plane entered Soviet airspace which was mistakenly gunned down, killing 269 passengers. The US president Ronald Reagan announced that the technology would be available to civilians as well. What are we talking about?


Q 10. What was developed by Wes Cherry while working at Microsoft as an intern in 1989. He did not receive any compensation for his famous invention.





Ans 1. The first photocopy by Xerox.

Ans 2. He is known for sending the first spam email.

Ans 3. Dilip Chhabria

1 – Designed Aston Martin DB-8 for James Bond.

2. Left job at GM to start his own venture.

3. Designed vanity van for Shahrukh Khan.

4. Designed the car used in the movie: Tarzan the wonder car

Ans 4. The Computer

Image Courtsey:

Ans 5. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar


Ans 7. She is world’s first Test Tube baby.

Ans 8. Symantec Antivirus

Ans 9. GPS (Global Positioning System)

Ans 10. Solitaire




Happy Reading!

Team CareerShapers!!

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