General Quiz – 61

Q 1. Fire extinguishers are classified into several types based on the type of fire they can put off. 


Class A – Ordinary combustibles (e.g. Wood, Paper, Cloth)

Class B- Flammable liquids (e.g. Gasoline, Grease, Oil)

Class C – ?


Q 2. It is called

– Strudds in Japan

– Little Mouse in China

– Elephant trunk in Sweden

– Snail in Italy

– Spider Monkey in Germany


Q 3. Compaq Computer Corporation was  founded in 1982, that developed, sold, and supported computers and related products and services.



Compaq produced some of the first IBM PC compatible computers, being the first company to legally reverse engineer the IBM Personal Computer. It rose to become the largest supplier of PC systems during the 1990s before being overtaken by Dell in 2001.

Struggling in the aftermath of the dot-com bubble bust, Compaq was acquired for US$25 billion by HP in 2002. The Compaq brand remains in use by HP for lower-end systems.

What does the name COMPAQ stands for?


Q 4. Identify the logo



Q 5. Facebook was launched in the year

a. 2004      b. 2006      c. 2007      d. 2005


Q 6. ‘Challenge Everything’ is the tagline of _______________?


Q 7. Currently India is the largest arms importer of the world. Which company is the largest arm producer of the world?


Q 8. Identify the person in the image below (Hint in the picture)


Q 9. This stamp was released to commemorate what?



Q 10. Who has written the famous Sanskrit drama ‘Abhigyan Shakuntalam’?






Ans 1. Class C fire extinguishers are used for fire in live electrical equipment.

Ans 2. @ symbol

Ans 3. COMPAQ = COMPatibility And Quality

Ans 4. Brand ‘Michael Schumacher’

Ans 5. 2004

Ans 6. EA Games

Ans 7. Lockheed Martin

Ans 8. Allen Lane, founder of Penguin Books

Ans 9. 175 years of Times of India


Ans 10. Mahakavi Kalidas




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