General Quiz – 66

Q 1. Connect


  central logo 


Q 2. Emblem of ____________________.



Q 3. Which country in the world has the largest population of Internet users?


Q 4. Which is the world’s fastest supercomputer?

a. Tianhe -2     b. Titan   c. Vulcan   d. Cray XC30


Q 5. Who is the author of the book ‘Prem-Pachisi’?


Q 6. BSA, a British motorcycle manufacturing company is one of the largest cycle producers in India. What is the full form of BSA?

BSA Ladybird Cycles


Q 7. Identify the logo


Q 8. Who was the first Indian woman to feature in an Indian postal stamp after August 15, 1947?

a. Kasturba Gandhi    b. Sarojini Naidu    c. Rani Laxmi Bai    d. Mira Bai


Q 9. ‘Let truth prevail’ is the motto of which business publication?

 a. The Times of India    b. Indian Express    c. The Hindu    d. Tehelka


Q 10. Integrity pact has become very common anti-corruption tool today. It is a written agreement between the government or government department and all bidders to refrain from bribery and collusion.

Who introduced the concept of Integrity pact?







Ans 1. All of them are owned by Future Group of Kishore Biyani, famous for Big Bazaar.

Ans 2. BHU – Banaras Hindu University

Ans 3. China ranks first with 600 mn Internet users. US, India are 2nd and 3rd respectively. India is expected to surpass USA by Dec 2014(expected to cross 300 million users).

Ans 4. Tianhe-2(Milkyway-2) of China is the world’s fastest supercomputer. It ranks 1st consecutively for the third time(2012-14). It has 3,120,000 cores and has a speed of 33,862.7 TeraFLOPS.

Ans 5. Prem Chand

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Ans 6. BSA (Birmingham Small Arms)

BSA full form Bimingham Small Arms logo
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Ans 7. Kaspersky Antivirus

Ans 8. Mira Bai

mira bai first woman stamp

Ans 9. The Times of India

Ans 10.Intergrity Pact was introduced by Transparency International in 1990.



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