General Quiz – 70 (Difficulty Level:3)

Q 1. What is the connect for the symbols in the image shown below:

Image Courtsey:


Q 2. Pandit Madan Mohan Maliviya, went to the Nizam of Hyderabad (then reputedly one of the richest man in the world) to request him for funds for a noble cause. The Nizam in anger, took off his footwear and flung it at Malaviya.

He picked up the footwear and left silently. He went to the market and started auction for Nizam’s footwear. On hearing this, the Nizam ordered his men to get the footwear at any cost. Thus, Malaviya managed to sell the Nizam’s own footwear
to him, for a huge amount. 

For what nobel cause did he use this money?

Madan Mohan Malaviya.png
Image Courtsey:


Q 3. What are these

  • Gambler and other “lowlifes”
  • City guard or policeman 
  • Innkeeper (bishop)
  • Merchant/Moneychanger 
  • Doctor
  • Weaver/Clerk 
  • Blacksmith
  • Worker/Farmer

Clue1: From the world of Games

Clue 2: Sequenced from Left to Right


Q 4. Who said ‘I have done more than anyone else to change the face of mankind’?


Q 5. The Man Booker Prize for Fiction (formerly known as the Booker-McConnell Prize) is a literary prize awarded each year for the best original novel, written in the English language by a citizen of the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland.

Who is the first Indian to receive the Booker’s Prize?

Man Booker Prizelogo.png
Image Courtsey:


Q 6. “Hothon pe aisi baat” is a famous song from the movie Jewel Thief(1967) starring Devanand and Vijayanthimala.

In which country was the song shot?

a. Bhutan     b. Nepal    c. Sikkim     d. Tibet

A still from the movie: Jewel Thief (Image Courtsey: 


Q 7. Which major event in Mumbai was humorously called the World’s biggest sex change operation by the Outlook Magazine.


Q 8. Which phenomenon caused an increase of 700% in the sale of pencils in London in the year 2006?


Q 9. DLF Limited is one of the largest commercial real estate developers in India. It was founded by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh in 1946 and is based in New Delhi, India.

DLF logo.svg

DLF developed residential colonies in Delhi such as Shivaji Park (their first development), Rajouri Garden, Krishna Nagar, South Extension, Greater Kailash and Hauz Khas. It has been the title sponsor for one of the season’s of IPL.

What is the full form of DLF?


Q 10. “The non-existent was not; the existent was not at that time. The atmosphere was not nor the heavens which are beyond. What was concealed? Where? In whose protection? Was it water? An unfathomable abyss?

There was neither death nor immortality then. There was not distinction of day or night. That alone breathed windless by its own power. Other than that there was not anything else.”

These are the opening lines of ___________?







Ans 1. Symbols in the logo of Unilever

unilever Logo

Ans 2. To setup BHU(Banaras Hindu University)

Ans 3. These are the occupations of the 8 pawns(L-R) in the game of chess.

Image Courtsey:

Ans 4. King Camp Gillette – Inventor of the razor blade.


Ans 5. Arundhati Roy – for her book “God of Small Things”

Image Courtsey:

Ans 6. Sikkim – Sikkim was a country before 1975 when it became a state in the Indian Territory.

Statue of Guru Rinpoch , the patron saint of Sikkim 

Ans 7. Renaming of Victoria Terminus to Chhatrapati Shiavji Terminus.

Image courtsey: 

Ans 8. Introduction of Sudoku. Here’s one if you like to try 🙂

Ans 9. DLF stands for Delhi Land & Finance

Ans 10. Rig-Veda




Happy Reading!!

Team CareerShapers!!


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