General Quiz – 82

Q 1. This is a night time satellite picture taken from space released by NASA. The satellite was above India when the shot was captured. Which important landmark is visible as an orange line?

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Q 2. Identify the kid in the picture.

He was born in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, in north central India. His father was a Hindi poet, and his mother,was a Punjabi Sikh from Faisalabad, Punjab. 

He was initially named Inquilaab, inspired from the phrase made famous during the Indian independence struggle,Inquilab Zindabad, which means “long live revolution”. However, at the suggestion of fellow poet Sumitranandan Pant, his name was changed and it means, “the light that will never die.”

Though his surname was Shrivastava, his father had adopted the pen-name , under which he published all his works.


Q 3. The picture shows the coding system of _________________?


Q 4. During the 19th century, British soldiers stationed in India noticed that when their white service uniforms became stained by a type of mud there was a tan, camouflage effect. Which english term was coined from the natives word for mud?


Q 5. According to Bloomberg Billionaire Index currently, who is the richest person in Asia?


Q 6. Primarily tasked with intelligence gathering over enemy territory and also for reconnaissance, training, surveillance, target designation, artillery fire correction, damage assessment. The UAV has an endurance of four hours and thirty minutes. It has completed development phase and user trials. 

Identify this UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) from DRDO.

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Q 7. Identify

Born as Feroz Khan he is an Indian actor, best known for playing a mythological hero character in B. R. Chopra’s television serialisation of the ancient Indian epic work, the Mahabharata. His success in that production, caused him to change his name to that of the character whom he portrayed. He has also acted in a number of Hindi language Bollywood movies.

Which role did he play in Mahabharat?


Q 8. Flag of _______________?


Q 9. Identify this popular newcomer Bollywood actor.

He was born in Patna where his father worked as a government official. His family moved to New Delhi in early 2000s and have been based there ever since. One of his sisters, Mitu Singh is a state-level cricketer.

He cleared the “AIEEE-2003” with AIR – 7. He was studying Mechanical Engineering at the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering (DCE), Delhi, when after three years he took the brave decision to drop out to pursue his passion and career in acting.

As a student of Davar, he was chosen to be a part of the troupe that went on to perform in the 2006 Commonwealth Games and the group of background dancers at the 51st Filmfare Awards.


Q 10. What connects Nashik, Allahabad, Ujjain and Haridwar?








Ans 1. Floodlights at Indo-Pak Border

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Ans 2. Amitabh Bachchan

Ans 3. Mumbai Dabbawalas – Here’s an interesting TED talk on Dabbawalas: Click here

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Ans 4. Khaki

Ans 5. Jack Ma – 50 year old, founder of, largest e-commerce company of China.

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Ans 6. Nishant

Ans 7. Arjun – He played Arjun in BR Chopra’s Mahabharata and changed his name to Arjun in real life.

Ans 8. Jammu and Kashmir – The state has it’s own flag and a separate constitution.

Ans 9. Sushant Singh Rajput

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Ans 10. Kumbh Mela

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