General Quiz – 73

Q 1. Pattern used to design the logo of which social networking site?


Q 2. “Providing high quality education to anyone anywhere” is the tagline of _________________?


Q 3. Which European city is considered the diamond trading capital of the world?

More than 80% of the world’s rough diamonds, around 50% of all polished diamonds and 40% of its industrial diamonds are traded through this city every year, day in day out.


Q 4.  DKNY is a fashion house specializing in fashion goods for men and women (ready-to-wear for men, women and children, accessories) founded in 1984. What does DKNY stand for?

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Q 5. In which city of India would you find ‘Swami Vivekananda’ Airport?


Q 6. Sri Lanka Matha is the national anthem of Sri Lanka. The original song was written and tuned by ____________________. Later, it was translated and composed by the Ananda Samarakoon in 1940, and was then adopted as the national anthem in 1951.


Q 7. What is represented in this map?

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Q 8. Shootout at Wadala is based on the book ‘Dongri to Dubai’ by Hussain Zaidi. On whose life is the book based?


Q 9. Guggelimo Marconi missed it as he had some paperwork to do. William Hershey missed it because of her wife, JP Morgan missed it because he wanted to spend some more time in a French resort of Aix to enjoy his morning massages and sulfur baths. They all missed something in the early 1900s. Had they not missed this thing, their business  and for that matter of fact, the course of their lives would have been completely different. What did they miss?


Q 10. Which company owns the brands Dhara and Safal?

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Ans 1. Logo of Twitter

Ans 2. Khan Academy

Ans 3. Antwerp, Belgium

Ans 4. Donna Karan New York

Ans 5. Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Ans 6. Rabindranath Tagore – Very interestingly, three countries India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have a national anthem written by this great poet.

Ans 7. Map of the countries with left hand(Blue) and right hand(Red) driving rules.

Ans 8. Dawood Ibrahim

Ans 9. Titanic

Ans 10. Mother Dairy



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