General Quiz – 72 (Railway Special)

Q 1. What is the significance of this letter?

Okhil Chandra Sen Letter
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Q 2. This is an unusual design of railway track junction, Indian Railways holds the patent for this innovative, unique and one of it’s kind solution called “Diamond Crossing”.This arrangement of railway tracks is present at only one place in India. Which station?  


Q 3. What unique distinction do these two Railway stations hold?

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Q 4. Which train of the Indian Railways holds the record of the longest route?


Q 5. Indian Railways owns two UNESCO world heritage sites in India. Mountain Railways of India(Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railway and Kalka–Shimla Railway collectively) is one of them which is the other one?

Darjeeling Himalayan Railways


Q 6. Which is the longest railway platform in the world?


Q 7. Duronto Express is a category of long-distance non stop trains run by the Indian Railways. These trains do not have any ticketing stops between the origin and the destination though they have technical halts for change of crew and catering. Duronto was introduced the year 2007 and has a current fleet of 26.

The exterior of this train is inspired by the paintings of ____________?


Q 8. He is the emblem of the Indian railways. Name him.


Q 9. “Sahib Sindh Sultan” is a famous restaurant by BJN group in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi. The interior is designed to give the feel of railways. How is the name Sahib Sindh Sultan historically related with Indian Railways?


Q 10. This is the most common symbol visible on the tracks if you have observed while travelling by Indian Railways. What does this stand for?

w/l symbol at railway track means
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Ans 1. Okhil Chandra Sen had written this apparently hilarious letter to the Sahibganj divisional railway office in 1909. The significance is that the  toilets were introduced in the coaches after this letter. This letter is on display at the National Rail Museum, New Delhi.

Ans 2. Nagpur – It is a junction of Indian railways where East-to-West and North-to-South lines intersect. The problem of cross over was solved by introducing the Diamond Junction.

Ans 3. That was an easy one 🙂 These are the railway stations with the shortest and the longest name respectively. Ib is in Odisha and Venkatanarasimharajuvariipeta in Tamilnadu(It is sometimes prefixed with Sri making it 3 characters longers 🙂 ).

Ans 4. Did you answer Himsagar Express. It has the second longest route now. The longest route is of Vivek Express from Dibrugarh in Assam to Kanyakumari in Taminadu.

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Ans 5. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

Ans 6. Gorakhpur has the world’s longest Railway platform. It has the length of 1,072m. This record was held by Kharagpur earlier.

Ans 7. Mamta Banerjee – Cheif Minister of West Bengal and Former Railway minister

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Ans 8. Bholu

Ans 9. Sahib Sindh Sultan were the names of the three engines which pulled the first train of India from Mumbai to Thane on 16 April 1853 which travelled 21 miles in 45 minutes.

Ans 10. W/L stands for Whistle/Level Crossing – Alerts the driver to blow the horn as the train is approaching a level crossing. The hindi version “See/Pha” stands for “Seeti/Phatak”.




Some Interesting facts

1. Producers of Skyfall approached Indian Railways for shooting a fight sequence on the top of trains. Railways refused to as they did not want to show passengers travelling atop the train. Read the full news story here

A still from the Bond movie “Skyfall”


2. Two stations at same location: Srirampur and Belapur are two different stations in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra which are both at the same location on the railway route but on opposite sides of the track.



3. Here railway station is divided between two states, viz. Madhya Pradesh and Rajsthan. Northern part of the platform is in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh and the southern part of it is in Jhalawar district of Rajasthan. It is a border town of Rajasthan.


4. Indian railways is the largest employer in India and 8th largest in the world.




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