General Quiz – 74

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Q 1. Connect


Q 2. Connect


Q 3. Where do you find these acronyms: pqm, m/nm, kkb, pqg, lpa, bhp?


Q 4. Identify


Q 5. It means an innovative fix or a simple work-around. It is called System-D in French, Gung-Ho in China, Chindogu in Japanese, Kludge in American english. What is it called in India?

Image shown below is a hint if you can connect.








Ans 1. Jodhpur – Some parts of the Hollywood film “The Dark Knight Rises” were shot in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur is visible in the background.

Ans 2. Nokia Ringtone – ‘Ascending’ ringtone is actually Morse code for ‘Connecting People’, which is Nokia’s slogan. Similarly, the ‘Standard’ ringtone is Morse code for ‘SMS’.

Ans 3. Matrimonial column of the newspaper or a matrimonial website 🙂

pqm – professionally qualified match, m/nm – manglik/non manglik, pqg – professionally qualified groom, lpa – lacs per annum, bhp – biodata horoscope and photo

Ans 4. Sumitra Mahajan – Loksabha speaker, second woman to hold the office after Meira Kumar

Ans 5. Jugaad




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