General Quiz – 77

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Q 1. Letter written by ____________ to _______________?

General Quiz 77 Careershapers


Q 2. Connect

 Cherry Blossom Ad

  Lalithaji Surf Ad



Q 3. This is an Indian certification mark of purity for which commodity?

General Quiz 77 - Careershapers


Q 4. Yuri Usachov, was an unusual customer for Pizza Hut. With the delivery of his order, Pizza Hut created history. It featured traditional ingredients including a crispy crust, pizza sauce and cheese, but was topped with salami to enhance the pizza’s flavor because the short shelf-life of pepperoni.

What was so unusual about this order?


Q 5. Logo of ______________.


Q 6. Here’s an easy one: 🙂

This is an older version of a common device today. Name it. (Hint: You are using an advanced version of it right now 🙂 )


Q 7. Flowchart of __________________?

CareerShapers General Quiz 77 - Flowchart


Q 8. Toy inspired by which Indian politician?


Q 9. Connect


Q 10. Identify








Ans 1. Letter written by Barack Obama to Yann Martel, Author of Life of Pi.

Ans 2. Alyque Padamsee – Known as the Brand Father of Indian advertising, he has built over 100 brands. He had created Lalitaji for Surf, Cherry Charlie for Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish, the MRF Muscle Man, the Liril girl in the waterfall, Hamara Bajaj, the TV detective Karamchand, the Fair & Handsome brand.

He is also an Indian theater personality apart from ad film maker. He is probably best known in the English-speaking world for playing Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the film Gandhi.

Alyque Padamsee at Samriddhi.jpg
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Ans 3. Silk Mark – label of pure silk. The purity label is an initiative by the Silk Board of India situated in Bangalore.

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Ans 4. This pizza was delivered to Russian astronaut Yuri Usachov in space during his mission. Pizza Hut is the only company till now to do so.

Russian cosmonaut Yuri Usachov
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Ans 5. Samsonite

Ans 6. Computer Mouse – Designed by Douglas Engelbart

Ans 7. Hawala Transaction

Ans 8. Laloo Prasad Yadav

Laloo Prasad Yadav

Ans 9. Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter

Ans 10. Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav – First Indian to win a medal at Olympics at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki.



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