General Quiz – 84 (Weekend Special)

Q 1. Who is the person in the costume? (Hint: Indian cricketer)

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Q 2. ‘Y’ was born in Ukraine and migrated to USA in 1992 with his mother. His father had intended to join the family later, but finally remained in Ukraine. At first his mother worked as a babysitter, while he himself worked as a cleaner at a grocery.

By the age of 18 he became interested in programming. He enrolled at San Jose State University and simultaneously worked at Ernst & Young as a security tester. He applied, and failed, to get a job at Facebook.

He co-developed ‘X’ in 2009 which changed his life after a few year. His income from ‘X’  was more than 10 percent of the entire GDP of Ukraine.

What is X and who is Y?


Q 3. Ustad Ahmed Lahauri was the chief architect of this structure that has inspired similar buildings in Bangladesh, Aurangabad, Milwaukee and Atlantic city. What is it?


Q 4. Identify

He was an Indian lawyer, freedom fighter, politician, writer and statesman.During his lifetime, he also acquired the nickname ‘Mango of Salem‘.

 He is one of the first three recipients of highest civilian award of India, Bharat Ratna.

He was the last Governor-General of India.


Q 5. This game launched by was inspired by the popular game Angry Birds.  It involves grooms with a heavy dowry price tag. The players have to strike the dodging grooms with a weapon of choice. Each hit decreases the price of the groom & adds that money to the player’s Anti-Dowry fund, which players can choose to publish on their wall or tweet to their timeline.

Name the game.

Shaadi dot com game CareerShapers General Quiz 84


Q 6. Connect

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:


Q 7. Logo of ________________?

CareerShapers Gneral Quiz - 84


Q 8. He is Scott Fahlman, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. Fahlman is credited with originating something which he thought would help people on a message board at Carnegie Mellon to distinguish serious posts from jokes.

We use his innovation in our daily lives especially in during instant messaging. What did he introduce in the world of messaging?


Q 9. ‘X’ is the world’s most used open source RDBMS. It is named after co-founder Michael Widenius’s daughter. It was owned by a single for- profit Swedish firm, but is now owned by ‘Y’.

Identify X and Y


Q 10. Who is the author of the book ‘Das Kapital’?







Ans 1. S. Sreesanth –  dressed in costumes of Krishnattam, a devotional dance-drama, at Guruvayur Temple.

Read the full news item here:

Ans 2. X= Whatsapp , Y= Jan Koum – Intersestingly he failed to join facebook as an employee but after few years he sold his creation at a whopping $9 billion.

Ans 3. Taj Mahal

Image Courtesy:
A monument in Milwaukee resembling Taj Mahal (Image Courtesy:
A replica of Taj Mahal in Bangladesh (Image Courtesy:

Ans 4. Chakravarti Rajagopalachari

C Rajagopalachari Feb 17 2011.JPG
Image Courtesy:

Ans 5. Angry Brides – You can play it by clicking here 🙂

Angry Brides -

Ans 6. First Posthumous Bharat Ratna to Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Ans 7. Datawind – Canadian company that produced Akash tablets.

Ans 8. Smiley Emoticons 🙂

Origin of emoticons in messaging by Fahlman
First message containing emoticons  from Fahlman-1982 (Image Courtesy:

Ans 9. X=MySQL owned by Oracle hence Y=Oracle . It was named after Mike’s daughter ‘My’.

Ans 10. Karl Marx


Happy Reading!!

Team CareerShapers!!


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