General Quiz – 95

Q 1. A postage stamp is a small piece of paper that is purchased and displayed on an item of mail as evidence of payment of postage.
The first adhesive postage stamp, commonly referred to as the Penny Black, was issued in 1840.
Which country introduced the concept of postage stamps? It is also the only country in the world to omit the name of the country from the postage stamps.
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Q 2. “Heal the World” is a charitable organization which was started to improve the lives of children. The organization was also meant to teach children how to help others.

Whose initiative?

heal the world
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Q 3. This is the logo of Bass Brewery, founded in 1777 by William Bass in Burton upon Trent, England. It was once the largest producer of beer in England.

What’s special about it’s logo?


Q 4. The name of this disease, comes from Medieval Italian which means bad air. This originates from the old days when it was thought that all diseases are caused by bad, or dirty air.

Which disease?


Q 5. Flag of which country?


Q 6. On 9 June 1841 a 32-year old cabinet-maker walked from his home in Market Harborough to the nearby town of Leicester to attend a temperance meeting. He was a religious man who believed that most of the social problems were related to alcohol and that the lives of working people would be greatly improved if they drank less and became better educated. As he walked along the road, a thought suddenly flashed across his mind as to the practicability of employing the great powers of railways and locomotion for the furtherance of this social reform.

A train was subsequently arranged, and on 5 July 1841 about 500 passengers were conveyed in open carriages the enormous distance of 12 miles and back for a shilling. The day was a great success and, as he later recorded, ‘thus was struck the keynote of my excursions, and the social idea grew upon me’.

Subsequently, he started the world’s first travel agency. Which company?


Q 7. There are about one billion cattle in the world of which 200 million are in ________________ (Name the country).

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Q 8. Who is the author of “The Test of My Life”?


Q 9. What connects: Golden Lanka, Hastinapur, Dwarka, Hastinapur?


Q 10. She had only one day of formal education. On the first day in the school, she started teaching songs to other children. When the teacher stopped her, she was so angry that she stopped going to the school. She is a Bharat Ratna recipient now. Who are we talking about?


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Ans 1. United Kingdom (Image Below shows Penny Black, world’s first postage stamp)

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Ans 2. Michael Jackson

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Ans 3. First image to be registered as a trademark in 1875.

Ans 4. Malaraia – (From Mal=Bad + Aria = Air)

File:Anopheles stephensi.jpeg
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Ans 5. Vatican City

Ans 6. Thomas Cook

Ans 7. India

Ans 8. Yuvraj Singh

Ans 9. Cities constructed by Vishvakarma, (According to Hindu mythology)

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Ans 10. Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar - still 29065 crop.jpg
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