General Quiz – 103

Q 1. Connect

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Q 2. Which country holds the world’s largest uranium reserves?


Q 3. Logo of ________________?


Q 4. Which country is hosting the ICC World Cup T20 – 2016?

ICC World Cup T20 - 2016 Logo


Q 5. CFTRI (Central Food Technological Research Institute) is one of the 40 national research laboratories in India, set up under the aegis of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). It was opened on 21 October 1950 to promote research in food biotechnology,microbiology, sensory science, and food safety.

Where is CFTRI located in India?

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Q 6. Pockets is an e-wallet app launched recently. 

The wallet is powered by VISA – so you can enjoy shopping online from any Indian website. And if you like shopping in stores or for things you can’t buy online (like a hot cup of coffee!), you can even get a physical pockets card.

With Pockets, you can transfer money not only to bank accounts, but even to mobile number, email id, Google+ or Facebook id. You can also request money from friends.

Which company owns this service?



Q 7. Identify

General Quiz 103 - Q7


Q 8. Which city in India is also known as ‘Scotland of the East’?


Q 9. Islam is the second-largest religion in India, making up 14.2% of the country’s population with about 172 million adherents (2011 census). Islam first came to India with Arab traders as early as 7th century AD to coastal Malabar.

There are only two states/U.T. where muslim population forms the majority. One of them is Jammu & Kashmir(68%). Which is the other one?


Q 10. According to IMF(International Monetary Fund) ranking of world economies based on GDP(PPP) what is the rank of India?









Ans 1. Brands owned by Michele Ferrero – He was the richest person of Italy with a net worth of USD 26 billion. He died on 14th February 2015.

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Ans 2. Australia.

World Uranium Distribution Map
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Ans 3. Nalanda University

Ans 4. India

Ans 5. Mysore, Karnataka

Ans 6. ICICI Bank – You can download the app and read more here.

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Ans 7. Mukul Rohatgi – Attorney General of India

Ans 8. Shillong – It is said that the rolling hills around the town reminded the European settlers of Scotland. Hence, Shillong is known as “Scotland of the East”.

Ans 9. Lakshadweep (96%)

Distribution of Muslim population in India
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Ans 10. Third, after USA and China. (Note: India ranks 10th in terms of GDP and 3rd in GDP based on Purchasing Power Parity)

World Economy Ranking by GDP(PPP)


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