General Quiz – 127

Q 1. The International Court of Justice(ICJ) is the primary judicial branch of the United Nations. Its main functions are to settle legal disputes submitted to it by states and to provide advisory opinions on legal questions submitted to it by duly authorized international branches, agencies, and the UN General Assembly.

Where is the headquarter of ICJ located?

International Court of Justice Quiz


Q 2. What is represented in the map shown below:

General Quiz 127 -2


Q 3. Which day is celebrated every year as ‘World Health Day’?


Q 4. From the world of sports: What is a ‘Snickometer’?


Q 5. Logo of ______________?

General Quiz 127 - 5


Q 6. From the world of business: What is meant by ‘Corbesity’ or ‘Corporate Obesity’?


Q 7. During most of the 19th century, Americans used to have left overs from the previous day in the morning, which caused widespread indigestion and related ailments. Wealthy people used to visit sanitariums for treatment and it is in one such visit the modern concept of breakfast was invented. The person who invented it also built a global brand, which is in existence since the 1900s. Name the person and his brand.


Q 8. Name the musical instrument.

General Quiz 127
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Q 9. Identify

Chief Justice of India designate H L Dattu


Q 10. Mangala Bank started recently in Bihar is one of its kind and hence gathering media attention for quite some time. What is unique about Mangala Bank?


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Ans 1. It is based in the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands.

Ans 2. Seven Summits – Highest mountain peaks of the seven continents.

Seven Summits Map Quiz

Ans 3. April 7 is celebrated as ‘World Health Day’

Ans 4. Snickometer is the device used in televising cricket to graphically analyse sound and video, and show whether a fine noise, or snick, occurs as ball passes bat. It was invented by English computer scientist Allan Plaskett in the mid-1990s.The Snickometer is often used in a slow motion television replay by the third umpire to determine if the cricket ball touched the cricket bat on the way through to the wicketkeeper.

Geneal Quiz 127 - 4
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Ans 5. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Logo Quiz

Ans 6. Corbesity is the term used to describe companies that become too big and in turn become fat and complacent. They become lazy and are no longer creative or nimble in the marketplace.

Ans 7. William K Kellog and his brand Kellog’s

General Quiz 127 - 4
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Ans 8. Nadaswaram

General Quiz 127 - 8
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Ans 9. H.L. Dattu – Chief Justice of India

Ans 10. Mangala Bank is a bank started by beggars for beggars.Started in Bihar, India. The bank will manage savings and provide financial support to other beggars in the region in a moment of crisis.

General Quiz 127 -10


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