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General Quiz – 2

1. When Henry Ford died, among his last possessions was a test tube. What did it supposedly contain?


Ans. Last breath of Thomas Alva Edison


2. Why did Intel call the successor to the 486 Processor series “Pentium”, instead of using a combination of digits as they had always done?


Ans. Because Numbers cannot be trademarked.


3. An American inventor Herman Hollerith devised an electro-mechanical counting machine that used punched cards to tabulate the results of the 1890 United States census. The firm that grew out of this business eventually became which familiar company?


Ans. IBM (international Business Machines)


4. Which brand derives its name from the Japanese God of Mercy?

Ans. Canon from Kwanon


5. The first product made by this company was a car record player. They gave themselves a name similar to the name of the market leader in record players in those days. Today, this company has a worldwide presence and is known as a premier communications company.  Name the company?


Ans. Motorola

No Accession


6. Who, at a Nobel awards banquet, wished that the dinner could have been packed and carried to the more needy back home?

Ans. Mother Teresa


7. ‘RUPTUREWORT’ is the largest word that can be typed from the letters on the first row of a typewriter. What is the second largest?

Ans. Typewriter


8. The word ‘stadium’ comes from ‘stade’ a unit of distance. What was the unit?


Ans. The distance that Hercules could walk holding his breath.


9. In medieval times, in Europe, 1/3 of taxes went to the King, 1/3 to the nobility and 1/3 to the common man. How is this immortalized?

Ans. Through the nursery rhyme ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’


10. Sir John Randel and H.A.H. Bart of Birmingham University invented the magnetron for use in Britain’s radar system during WW II. It produced waves of 12 cm long frequency 2450 Hz. A company called Raytheon Inc patented the concept in 1945. What did it do with the concept?

Ans. It Made microwave ovens.


11. An author, as a sign of gratitude to the nurse who had cared for his firstborn child, gave a script and asked her to sell it when she was in need of money. Years later, when the nurse was really in want of money, she sold it and lived in comfort for the rest of her life. The manuscript was the first part of a famous work of this author Name the book and author?

Ans. Rudyard Kipling and the Jungle Book


12. Which day to day medical term is derived from the Latin for Cow?

Ans. Vaccination


13. Her real name was Agnes Gonha Bojaxhiu. She won a Nobel Prize in 1979 and died in 1997 and before her death said ‘Love others as I have loved you’.Who?

Ans. Mother Teresa


14. Which company started in  a garage in Palo Alto received its first  order from Disney, the making the film Fantasia, for Oscillators?

Ans. Hewlett Packard


15. What was Project Memphis?

Code name for the development of Windows 98. Project Chicago was Windows 95.


Happy Reading!

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