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General Quiz – 97

Q 1. Connect

General Quiz 97 -Q1 CareerShapers


Q 2. Identify

Image Courtesy: theguardian.com


Q 3. What is represented in the map below: (Hint: United States tops the list with a count of 257 and India has 8 of these.)

General Quiz 97 - CareerShapers


Q 4. Warning sign for _________________?

General Quiz 97 - 1 CareerShapers


Q 5. Around the second century AD, Maldives was nicknamed “The Money Island” because it was one of the major suppliers of something to the ancient world which was used as currency. The logo of the Maldives Monetary Authority(central bank of Maldives) preserves this legacy. What are we talking about?

Image Courtesy: muazaffu.com


Q 6. Muzzle, Cannon, Dock, Barrel, Pastern, Crest, Fetlock are the parts of  _______________? 


Q 7. Logo of _____________?

General Quiz 97-7 CareerShapers


Q 8. Identify

*He was born in a Gaud Saraswat Brahmin family at Mapusa, Goa. Ancestry from the nearby village Parra is indicated in his name.

*He studied at Loyola High School, Margao. He completed his secondary education in Marathi and went on to graduate in metallurgical engineering from IIT Bombay in 1978.

 *He was awarded by IIT Bombay with the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2001. He and Nandan Nilekani, former Chairman of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), have graduated together from IIT Bombay in the year 1978.


Q 9. Army Day is celebrated on ________________?

Image Courtesy: indiatoday.intoday.in


Q 10. Identify

Image Courtesy: indiatoday.intoday.in


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Ans 1. Grand Slam – Four tournaments to be won to get a Grand Slam title.

Ans 2. Ban Ki-moon is eighth and current Secretary- General of the United Nations after succeeding Kofi Annan in 2007. (Nationality: South Korea)

Image Courtesy: wikipedia.org

Ans 3. Nobel laureates by country of birth. For more information visit here.

Ans 4. Avalanche

Image Courtesy: northernperiphery.eu

Ans 5. Cowries

Image Courtesy: igrooveradio.com

Ans 6. Horse

File:Points of a horse.jpg
Image Courtesy: wikipedia.org

Ans 7. US. Patent Office

Image Courtesy: wikipedia.org

Ans 8. Manohar Parikkar – Defence Minister of India and former Chief Minister of Goa. He is the first IIT graduate to become the Chief Minister of any Indian state.

Manohar Parrikar (cropped).jpg
Image Courtesy: wikipedia.org

Ans 9. 15th January

Ans 10. Harishankar Brahma – Chief Election Commissioner of India (Took Charge of office on 15th January 2015)


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