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General Quiz – 131

Q 1. Connect: Sudoku, Unfriend, Podcast, Carbon Footprint, Selfie, Vape.


Q 2. Albert E. Bosman a Dutch electrical engineering and mathematics teacher drew the following tree to commemorate a famous mathematician. (Hint in the image – Observe carefully)

Name the mathematician.

Genral Quiz 131 - 2


Q 3. Which is the world’s largest telecom operator company in terms of the number of subscribers?


Q 4. Logo of ________________?


Q 5. Much like the words ‘constable’ and ‘marshal’ that originate from a person employed to take care of a horse/stable for a king or nobleman, this word too originally referred to someone who attended a horse for his employer. But, today the word finds itself on the other side of the divide from constable and marshal. It is most often used to describe a hired guard or minion of a master criminal.

What word whose equestrian reference comes from the old English word hengest meaning male horse?


Q 6. Only one country in this world has a non rectangular/square flag. Name the country.

General Quiz 131 -6


Q 7. The Intensity of Earthquake is measured on ___________ scale?

A. Mercalli Scale
B. Richter Scale
C. Boothe Scale
D. Karst Scale


Q 8. This file format is a modification of the open standard PDF format endorsed by a certain organization after which it is also named. The format is promoted as being more environmentally friendly and are simply PDF files with the security settings for printing set to “not allowed”. The initiative was criticized for being ineffective and for also violating the BSD license. What format is this?


Q 9. This is an ad for _______________? (Hint in the image: Observe carefully)

General Quiz 131 - 7


Q 10. According to the Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev was their first guru and founder of the Sikhism. Who is last and the final among the Sikh gurus? 


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Ans 1. All of them had been Oxford Word of the year. For example: Selfie – 2013, Vape – 2014.

Ans 2. Pythagoras – The tree is called Pythagorean Tree

Image Courtesy: mathworld.wolfram.com

Ans 3. China Mobile with 806 million subscribers

China Mobile Logo 2013.svg

Ans 4. Taco Bell


Ans 5. Henchman

Ans 6. Nepal

Ans 7.  (This was a tricky one!) The correct answer is Mercalli Scale.Many of you would have answered Richter Scale. Actually Richter Scale gives the magnitude of the earthquake while Mercalli Scale gives the intensity of the earthquake.

What is the difference between Magnitude and Intensity of earthquake?

You can consider Magnitude equivalent to the power of radio or television waves sent out from a broadcasting station. Intensity is how well you receive the signal, which can depend on your distance from the energy source, the local conditions, and the pathway the signal has to take to reach you.

Therefore, the magnitude of the earthquake may be very high but that does not give a clear indication of the damage done at a particular location because if the place is far off then, the waves would not be strong enough. Hence, we needed one more measure to guage the impact which is called Intensity.

Ans 8. .wwf format named after World Wildlife Fund

Ans 9. Justdial.com

Best Ads Ever - Just Dial

Ans 10. Guru Granth Sahib – The holy book of Sikhism


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