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General Quiz – 42

 Q 1. Identify the subject of this Amul ad.


Q 2. Identify


Q 3. Identify


Q 4. It was founded by Tulsi Tanti in 1995, when he was working in a family-owned textile company.

In those years, India’s shaky power grid and the rising cost of electricity offset any profits the company would make.After providing electricity for his own company, Tanti realised that other companies in India could also greatly benefit from being sold wind power technology and advised on its use. With the help of some of his friends of Rajkot, he moved into wind energy production as a way to secure the textile company’s energy needs, and founded ___________________.


Q 5. The Star Alliance is the world’s largest global airline alliance, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, and led by current CEO Mark Schwab.

Star Alliance Tagline: The way the earth connects

Which is the only Indian airline to become a member of Star Alliance?(27th member to join the group on July 11th 2014)


Q 6. Connect



Q 7. Connect

steve jobs and beatle boys


Q 8. Logo of ______________________?


Q 9. Connect

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) Poster


Q 10. Old logo of which organisation?







Ans 1. Kolaveri Di by Dhanush.kolaveri di dhanush

Ans 2. Vikas Gowda, Indian discus thrower and shotputter.

Ans 3. Sanjay Kirloskar, Chairman and Managing Director of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. Kirloskar is the largest producer of centrifugal pumps in India.

Ans 4. Air India Logo.svg

Ans 5. Suzlon – world’s fifth largest wind turbine supplier, in terms of cumulative installed capacity and market share, at the end of 2013. Headquartered at Suzlon One Earth in Pune, India

Ans 6. All of them are the brands from Volkswagen group

Ans 7. Apple – Controversy between Apple Inc and The Beatles on the usage of Apple as a trademark.

apple vs beatle boys

Ans 8. First logo of the East India Company.

Logo used in the later stages.

Logo of Dutch East India Company

Ans 9. Movies with maximum no of Oscars(11).

Additional Info: Walt Disney won 22 Oscars. He also won the most Oscars in one year, with four in 1954.

Ans 10. Air India



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